The Beach Wedding

August 31, 2016


Every day I come to watch the deep blues and greens roll into the glittering sand below, however today is different. Nestled in my usual place, the breeze gently ruffling through my feathers, I watch as the peculiar scene splays out in front of me. Figures bustle about making last minute adjustments, checking table arrangements, decorations, and lighting. The number of people slowly begin to increase, seeming to loiter at first until they eventually settle into seats chattering joyously amongst themselves. Children fiddle with the name tags on the tables, and conversation rises about the gifts assigned to each seating place. Heartwarming harmonies fill the air of the usually quite beach, accompanying the oceans rhythmic rise and fall. The whole event seems to bring the beach to life.


A flash of light catches my eye and I am forced to pull my gaze from the beach to let it settle on the source. The glare doesn't last long as a shiny, and elegantly decorated car halts at the edge of the sand. A hush falls over those who are seated,  they turn and peer eagerly towards the car. Now a different tune begins to play, soft and anticipating. A man steps out from one side of the car, nervous yet proud at the same time, he hurries around to the other door and swiftly pulls it open. With a little assistance from the man, another figure steps into view, a long train of white follows behind them as they begin to make their way towards the beach.


The ceremony continues for some while, the sky slowly turning from gold to pink, then indigo. The lights positioned around the beach glow softly, and though the words are now too soft to hear, I can see each face in the dim light, completely taken with happiness, pride and ease.


Looking onwards I can see the two standing beneath an arbour, one dressed in black, the other in white. A bride and groom. Even from such a distance I feel the connection between the two, they are completely different people and yet they merge with one another in such a way that suggests they could be the same. The two take their place at their own table as laughter and chatter begin to form again. Enjoying their meals and each others company, some people choose to swap their raged gifts of honey, tea, and sweet smelling candles. I do not quite know when the night ended, it felt almost timeless. I will never forget that elegant wedding on the beach.

I don't know about you, but I can be a bit of a procrastinator. During my years at University I used to leave my essays to the last moment, I pay my bills on the last day available and I put off fixing things around the house. Things have dramatically changed over the last two years, we're now on the flip side of that procrastinating coin and like to do things well and on time. 

It's late March, just before Easter. Most of you will be in the thick of wedding planning, loving it right? You're thinking to yourself, I'm on schedule, well ahead even - there's six months to go. Next minute, you're three months out from the big day, wedding season is in full swing and no one will return your e-mail.

We here at Custom Favours have a goal - and it benefits everybody. That goal is to provide every client with the absolute best wedding favours we can make, never compromising quality or timing. To achieve this, we need to flatten the year. June - September is literally nuts, you want to avoid leaving ordering to this time of the year. 

Why not be organised? We have an awesome pre-order service which gives you priority in your wedding bonbonniere delivery. We let you pick a delivery timeframe, adjust your guest numbers and we'll have everything planned well in advance. No nasty surprises coming at you, no disappointing emails informing you we are out of stock.

Give well, give on time and give organised favours.

Something we get asked over and over again is "what do people normally have on their wedding favour swing tags"? Here are the most common:

- Thanks for sharing our special day
- Love is brewing
- Get teapsy
- Get your rub on (these are one of our fave's for the spice mix favours)
- Light our love

Because we offer a completely custom service; aimed at giving you what you want, your wedding gifts become very personal. Maybe you have a favourite date location you want to use as the name of the honey, or you may have some puns to make people laugh.

We've even used two cute little cartoon characters on the design which had special meaning to the couple.

What is it that you want to work into your design?

Contact us now for the most personalised wedding bonbonniere around.

Okay, so as bad as it sounds we don’t always know the receivers of our gifts on a personal level. Maybe it’s your fiance’s friends, your in-laws or even clients from interstate.

Take any wedding for example, by the time the parents, immediate family and close friends of the bride and groom have gifted the happy couple in question, a full three quarters of the people left at the event  are merely work friends, old school friends and well wishers. Of course, that's not to say that such people aren't as intrinsically important.

With an overload of information at your fingertips, it is super easy to spot trending styles, effective gifts and the latest boho stationary. Jump on Instagram right now, use the hashtag #weddingfavours and you will see a massive feed of the top posts relating to bonbonniere. Pinterest will give you a never ending catalogue of ideas, some that will really work for you.

Our list of the top trending favours of 2015:

#1 Test tubes

# 2 Succulents

# 3 Candles

# 4 Donation Cards

# 5 Manscaping Goods

Gifts From The Heart

October 29, 2015


It's excruciating, you’ve just realised you haven’t planned your bonbonniere and the wedding or event is fast approaching. Relax, it's common. Often overlooked, the element of guest appreciation is actually a really big deal. There is nothing sweeter than watching the reactions of your loved ones when they see the amazing personal gift you have provided. Shhh, don’t tell them you didn’t make them!

A common error in gift giving, one that I’m sure you have experienced is picking your gifts based on your own taste and inhibitions. Although this is not in any way wrong, it may stop you from giving the ultimate gift. Stop for one minute….. Let’s think about your guests. What do they love doing? Where do they love going? What’s their favourite food? Through a thorough analysis of your guests, you will be able to identify an awesomely personal gift that will go down a treat.


Often, it can be the subtle elements that will tickle your guests pink. People love being surprised, people love being wowed! Step out of your comfort zone and and give from the heart!

The terms 'custom' and 'personalised' get batted about so much these days that for many people they have become almost interchangeable. What however, is the true definition of both these terms? When it comes to gifting, does it really matter?

Well, yes. You see, personalised really just stands for a pre-existing form or element like a Congratulations! Card of which there are thousands (if not millions) of identical copies, but only one which you have 'personalised' by inscribing your own well wishes. A custom gift or card on the other hand, is one where that gift or card is the only one of its kind in the whole world.


That said, a custom gift isn't necessarily better than a personalised gift or card. Rather, more often than not, customisation and personalisation work together to create super distinctive gift items. What we've done at Custom Favours for example, is rolled customisation and personalisation all into one, in order to achieve added gift impact and uniqueness.

How does that work? Well, not only can you select the absolute best filling for your guests, but  you have the ability to customise your favours with designer vinyl stickers, custom swing tags, ribbons, and twine to name a few.

Even better, we don't like to try and limit either your creativity or our product range. This being the case, we're always open to new ideas and suggestions. Have an idea you want create? Well, talk to one of our gifting experts about exactly what you need to make your wedding or event as special as you can. We are; after all, all about custom!

Why Handmade?

September 04, 2015


It's something that people ask a lot, especially with the plethora of online stores that sell everything under the sun: “Why handmade? Why not simply find the cheapest and fastest gifts available?”

It's a difficult question to answer. On the one hand after all, people who don't think that they can afford bespoke hand made gifts will rarely ever consider such. If 'it' after all, is only available in a boutique store or via a niche specialty website, 'it' simply must be expensive.

In fact, what a lot of people don't realise, is that literally everything today is mass produced somewhere in the Far East. Mass produced, however, rarely denotes quality, and never embodies uniqueness.

At Custom Favours we are therefore not just about creating regular wedding and celebration gifts. Rather, we're about ensuring each and every one of our gift creations are made with quality as well as uniqueness. Moreover, at Custom Favours buying bespoke doesn't necessarily mean buying expensively. Rather, Custom Favours offers great value as well as unrivalled gift quality. Even better, when it comes to gifts, people really do appreciate handmade.

Handmade denotes not just quality, but care and attention. Handmade says to loved ones that we care enough about them to seek out something special. Even better, hand made gifts are gifts which people love to show off and in doing so let the giver themselves know that they do in fact appreciate their gratitude.