The Beach Wedding

Every day I come to watch the deep blues and greens roll into the glittering sand below, however today is different. Nestled in my usual place, the breeze gently ruffling through my feathers, I watch as the peculiar scene splays out in front of me. Figures bustle about making last minute adjustments, checking table arrangements, decorations, and lighting. The number of people slowly begin to increase, seeming to loiter at first until they eventually settle into seats chattering joyously amongst themselves. Children fiddle with the name tags on the tables, and conversation rises about the gifts assigned to each seating place. Heartwarming harmonies fill the air of the usually quite beach, accompanying the oceans rhythmic rise and fall. The whole event seems to bring the beach to life.


A flash of light catches my eye and I am forced to pull my gaze from the beach to let it settle on the source. The glare doesn't last long as a shiny, and elegantly decorated car halts at the edge of the sand. A hush falls over those who are seated,  they turn and peer eagerly towards the car. Now a different tune begins to play, soft and anticipating. A man steps out from one side of the car, nervous yet proud at the same time, he hurries around to the other door and swiftly pulls it open. With a little assistance from the man, another figure steps into view, a long train of white follows behind them as they begin to make their way towards the beach.


The ceremony continues for some while, the sky slowly turning from gold to pink, then indigo. The lights positioned around the beach glow softly, and though the words are now too soft to hear, I can see each face in the dim light, completely taken with happiness, pride and ease.


Looking onwards I can see the two standing beneath an arbour, one dressed in black, the other in white. A bride and groom. Even from such a distance I feel the connection between the two, they are completely different people and yet they merge with one another in such a way that suggests they could be the same. The two take their place at their own table as laughter and chatter begin to form again. Enjoying their meals and each others company, some people choose to swap their raged gifts of honey, tea, and sweet smelling candles. I do not quite know when the night ended, it felt almost timeless. I will never forget that elegant wedding on the beach.

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