The Season to be Organised

March 24, 2016

I don't know about you, but I can be a bit of a procrastinator. During my years at University I used to leave my essays to the last moment, I pay my bills on the last day available and I put off fixing things around the house. Things have dramatically changed over the last two years, we're now on the flip side of that procrastinating coin and like to do things well and on time. 

It's late March, just before Easter. Most of you will be in the thick of wedding planning, loving it right? You're thinking to yourself, I'm on schedule, well ahead even - there's six months to go. Next minute, you're three months out from the big day, wedding season is in full swing and no one will return your e-mail.

We here at Custom Favours have a goal - and it benefits everybody. That goal is to provide every client with the absolute best wedding favours we can make, never compromising quality or timing. To achieve this, we need to flatten the year. June - September is literally nuts, you want to avoid leaving ordering to this time of the year. 

Why not be organised? We have an awesome pre-order service which gives you priority in your wedding bonbonniere delivery. We let you pick a delivery timeframe, adjust your guest numbers and we'll have everything planned well in advance. No nasty surprises coming at you, no disappointing emails informing you we are out of stock.

Give well, give on time and give organised favours.

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