Crowd Pleasers: Gifting Trends of 2015

Okay, so as bad as it sounds we don’t always know the receivers of our gifts on a personal level. Maybe it’s your fiance’s friends, your in-laws or even clients from interstate.

Take any wedding for example, by the time the parents, immediate family and close friends of the bride and groom have gifted the happy couple in question, a full three quarters of the people left at the event  are merely work friends, old school friends and well wishers. Of course, that's not to say that such people aren't as intrinsically important.

With an overload of information at your fingertips, it is super easy to spot trending styles, effective gifts and the latest boho stationary. Jump on Instagram right now, use the hashtag #weddingfavours and you will see a massive feed of the top posts relating to bonbonniere. Pinterest will give you a never ending catalogue of ideas, some that will really work for you.

Our list of the top trending favours of 2015:

#1 Test tubes

# 2 Succulents

# 3 Candles

# 4 Donation Cards

# 5 Manscaping Goods

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