Gifts From The Heart

It's excruciating, you’ve just realised you haven’t planned your bonbonniere and the wedding or event is fast approaching. Relax, it's common. Often overlooked, the element of guest appreciation is actually a really big deal. There is nothing sweeter than watching the reactions of your loved ones when they see the amazing personal gift you have provided. Shhh, don’t tell them you didn’t make them!

A common error in gift giving, one that I’m sure you have experienced is picking your gifts based on your own taste and inhibitions. Although this is not in any way wrong, it may stop you from giving the ultimate gift. Stop for one minute….. Let’s think about your guests. What do they love doing? Where do they love going? What’s their favourite food? Through a thorough analysis of your guests, you will be able to identify an awesomely personal gift that will go down a treat.


Often, it can be the subtle elements that will tickle your guests pink. People love being surprised, people love being wowed! Step out of your comfort zone and and give from the heart!

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