Custom vs Personalised

October 29, 2015

The terms 'custom' and 'personalised' get batted about so much these days that for many people they have become almost interchangeable. What however, is the true definition of both these terms? When it comes to gifting, does it really matter?

Well, yes. You see, personalised really just stands for a pre-existing form or element like a Congratulations! Card of which there are thousands (if not millions) of identical copies, but only one which you have 'personalised' by inscribing your own well wishes. A custom gift or card on the other hand, is one where that gift or card is the only one of its kind in the whole world.


That said, a custom gift isn't necessarily better than a personalised gift or card. Rather, more often than not, customisation and personalisation work together to create super distinctive gift items. What we've done at Custom Favours for example, is rolled customisation and personalisation all into one, in order to achieve added gift impact and uniqueness.

How does that work? Well, not only can you select the absolute best filling for your guests, but  you have the ability to customise your favours with designer vinyl stickers, custom swing tags, ribbons, and twine to name a few.

Even better, we don't like to try and limit either your creativity or our product range. This being the case, we're always open to new ideas and suggestions. Have an idea you want create? Well, talk to one of our gifting experts about exactly what you need to make your wedding or event as special as you can. We are; after all, all about custom!

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